INSOMNIAC now available on DVD!

June 21, 2010

It's been a very long time since I've had the chance to update our web page, and much to report.

INSOMNIAC was screened January 18, 2009 at Market Street Cinema to a very appreciative crowd, and received a couple of really great local write-ups, which are included as links below. There are also links to pictures of the screening, and numerous production pics on Facebook for your viewing pleasure.

Copies of INSOMNIAC are available for $14.95 (which includes shipping and handling), and Ill be more than happy to deface them with a personalized autograph. Send an email to for information on how to order a copy.

The late Gene Siskel is known for asking the question Is this film more interesting than a documentary of the actors having lunch? In our case, Id say the answer is a resounding no. The 4 year history of INSOMNIAC was rife with drama, setbacks and cast attrition, and many might say that its a miracle that we ever finished the movie. But finish it we did, and the result is a feature to which I proudly sign both of my names. Its not Citizen Kane, but better than a lot of movies Ive seen with bigger budgets and high-end talent. You have my word as a gentleman that your 86 minutes will not be wasted.

I had big plans to take INSOMNIAC to film festivals, and possibly set up a screening tour around the country over a summer. But we were unable to find a home for the film at the festivals that we entered, and I decided to quit wasting $45 a pop. Ultimately, at the conclusion of the lengthy journey that was INSOMNIAC, I felt our energies would be better spent focusing on the next one. This in no way suggests that we're not extremely proud of the film. We all put our heart and soul into the project, and learned a lot about filmmaking along the way.

I'm considering the possibility of setting up a few screening/talkbacks on college campuses to share the experience of making this movie with film students. INSOMNIAC certainly taught me a lot, and even if it never becomes a commercial success, the story of what took place behind the scenes could be very educational for aspiring filmmakers. In the event that such a screening takes place, I'll be sure to announce it here and through the newsletter.

I feel that I'd be remiss if I didn't personally thank the 100+ people that were involved in the production of INSOMNIAC, particularly those that started at the beginning and stuck it out with us to the bitter end. It was a project that was challenging physically, financially, and emotionally, but I take comfort in knowing that it's a mathematical certainty that the next one will run more smoothly. My original goal when I wrote the script was to teach myself how to make a movie, and this one pretty much gave me a Ph.D. in guerilla filmmaking.

I know we'll make better movies, but I don't think the experience of making them will ever be as memorable as this one was. I take a lot of pride in the knowledge that our team faced pretty much any challenge that a film can face, and the pain could have easily went away by uttering two simple words ("I Quit"). But a combination of pride and stupidity forbade that turn of phrase from escaping our mouths, and the result is a finished feature. Lots of these babies go unfinished, and the reality is that it doesn't really matter how great your story is if you don't tell it.

We've got plenty of copies available, so order now. If you like it, tell all your friends about it. If you don't tell all your enemies about it :-)


Christian Neil, Director



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Photos from Shoots

Photos from Advance Screening 1/18/09